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Are you a High School, College, or Serious Adult Athlete?
Get the training for motivated athletes, who are serious about taking their performance to the next level. Weight training and conventional fitness programs have built in limitations. You need an advantage to compete at your maximum potential.  Elite Performance Athletics is a revolution in personal training for athletes that want more out of their training than is available at a typical gym or health club. Try us and see how high school, college, and serious adult athletes are taking advantage of this innovative personal training approach to redefine their standards of athletic performance. Feel the results after one workout!                   


Elite Performance Athletics personal training programs are not easy, but dramatic advancements can be made in weeks, giving you a considerable advantage in your specific sport. Elite Performance Athletics is a personal training regimen for serious athletes, not a boot camp for large groups. Work out sessions are conducted in individual and small groups since our protocols are as varied as the athletes we train.    

                                                                            Our Monthly Rates*
Two Days a week - one hour sessions
Group Size        Price 
    1                   $200
                    That's $25 per session     
    2                   $300                        That's $18.75 per session per person
     3                   $420                        That's $17.50 per session per person 

   *Rates are based on monthly payment due at the beginning of each monthly session

Our Mission
Elite Performance Athletics exists to provide athletes of all ages with the training and development that will allow them to reach their maximum athletic potential regardless of their chosen sport.

Our Principles
We believe that for athletes to reach their maximum athletic potential, training and development must be Holistic, Integrated, Progressive and Sports Specific. Training that ignores any of these key principles limits athletic development.
Our Methodology
Neuromuscular intensification and plyometric training boosts sports-speed, flexibility, power, and muscle cohesion while increasingly protecting against injury.  This unique, invigorating personal training program, now being used by collegiate and professional athletes, can be tailored to meet any athlete’s needs through sport-specific exercises. 

Contact Us:
Telephone: 623-398-5305
Email: travis@eliteperformanceathletics.net 
18046 N 45th Ave Glendale AZ 85308

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Elite Performance Athletics 
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Call or email us for a free session and see how Elite Performance Athletics can help you excel in your chosen sport.

Elite Performance Athletics
Proud sponsor of the Arrow Head Little League

Elite Performance Athletics Referral Program

A friend of a friend is someone we would like to know. If a friend of yours is serious about developing their athletic fitness and performance, you can earn a $25 Visa card simply by referring them to Elite Performance Athletics.  Just tell your friends, family member or colleagues about Elite Performance Athletics and have them contact us. Tell them to let us know that you referred them. Once they sign up for their first month, well give you a $25 Visa card. If you have several friends, we'll give you a $25 Visa card for each. It's that simple!





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